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Natural Resource Management

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Climate Negotiations & Actions

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 Keeping forests standing.
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 Keeping forests standing.
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Vulnerability & Adaptation

  Building resilient systems.
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Countries: Ethiopia, Germany

This project aimed at providing technical support to the AGN  REDD+ working group to enable the group to provide a technical proposal on how non-carbon benefits (NCB) can be measured, reported, verified, incentivized and compensated or supported as part of the REDD+ mechanism under the UNFCCC. FOKABS’ role together with other experts included:

  • Elaboration of a technical paper on NCB of forests to guide the position of AGN during REDD+ negotiations at COP and SBSTA.
  • Provision of methodological guidance during UNFCCC negotiations on NCB
  • Differentiate between the terms “co-benefits” and “non-carbon benefits”
  • Identify the NCB within the African context, including the Mediterranean region;
  • Identify approaches to incentivizing, compensating and/or paying for NCB
  • Propose simple methodological guidelines to help evaluate different NCB
  • Identification of internationally acceptable principles for generating NCB Identification of institutional frameworks to support NCB at the national and international levels


Duration: 01/2015 – 06/2015     
Client: CDKN


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FOKABS’ mission is to advance climate-resilient and low-carbon development solutions, investments and lifestyles that protect the environment