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Countries: Burundi, Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Congo, DRC, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe

The objective of the World Bank-managed Central African Forestry Commission’s (COMIFAC) Regional REDD+ project (PREREDD) is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Congo Basin countries on REDD+ for the sustainable management of their forests. It is in this context that FOKABS is contracted to provide technical support to the PREREDD project. Specifically, FOKABS provides the following services:

  • Training of Climate Change Focal Points, National REDD+ Coordinators and the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) National Designated Authorities on UNFCCC negotiations and access to climate finance under GCF & CTCN.
  • Development of position papers and submissions to the UNFCCC Secretariat on various topics related to SBSTA 46/47, SBI 46/47 and APA 3&4.
  • Technical coordination of 10 COMIFAC countries during UNFCCC SBST/SBI 46&47, APA 3&4 and COP23 negotiations.
  • Preparation of regional NDC forest sector readiness proposal for submission to the GCF.
  • Preparation of GCF medium size regional project on REDD+ and non-carbon benefits.
  • Preparation of GCF medium size regional project on forest and climate adaptation.
  • Organisation of regional deciphering workshops on the outcomes and decisions of UNFCCC SB 46 and COP 23.
  • Organisation of a south-south exchange workshop on payments for environmental services (PES).


Duration:  3/2017 –Present 
Client: COMIFAC - World Bank


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FOKABS’ mission is to advance climate-resilient and low-carbon development solutions, investments and lifestyles that protect the environment


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