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REDD+ Feasibility & Project Design Document

Country: Cameroon

The goal of this assignment is to support the development of pilot REDD+ projects in the South West Region of Cameroon. Specifically, full REDD+ feasibility studies for 4 different administrative councils (Bangem, Mundemba, Nguti & Toko) will be conducted and REDD+ project proposals (PDD) for each of the 4 councils shall be developed.

To achieve the stated goal, experts from Fokabs are performing the following tasks:

-          Define the scope of the REDD+ project;

-          Evaluation of the land uses and the geo-physical and ecological aspects of the target areas;

-          Baseline establishment through detailed assessment of drivers of deforestation and degradation;

-          Develop strategies to address the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;

-          Describe the elements of additionally within the context of each of the 4 proposed REDD+ projects;

-          Baseline quantification and estimation of forest carbon stocks;

-          Assess, identify and recommend Institutional arrangements;

-          Reference levels for National Forest Monitoring system (NFMS) and MRV;

-          Assess and conduct legal feasibility;

-          Analysis potential conflicts and propose conflict management mechanisms;

-          Conduct non permanence risk assessment;

-          Develop funding proposals for the 4 councils as the optimal implementation zone.

Duration: 12/2017 – present    

Client: WWF, GIZ / Eco-Consult

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