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GCF Readiness Programme

Country: Cameroon

Fokabs is supporting the National Designated Authority (NDA) of the government of Cameroon in the Green Climate Fund Readiness process. Fokabs is hired to perform the following:

         Strengthen the capacities of the GCF focal point and actors on GCF procedures

         Help set up a coordination mechanism for Cameroon in accordance with GCF standards

         Train actors on accreditation procedures and support those who are willing to join the accreditation process

         contribute to the analysis of Cameroon's needs and priorities on behalf of the GCF

         Ensure the development of the country program in accordance with the standards required by the GCF

         Provide technical support for the development of Cameroon concept notes for the GCF

         strengthen the capacity of the designated national authority to lead and coordinate the development of bankable projects and the formulation of a national strategic engagement framework for the GCF

         strengthen the capacity of governmental and non-governmental actors in climate finance, and thus stimulate stakeholder engagement for the GCF

         Provide intensive advice and support for the transfer of knowledge and skills to NDA staff through training, coaching, etc.

         Analyze the needs of the DNA and propose a plan for the development of human resources and capacity building

         Identify and conduct at least one training on climate finance, the impacts of development activities on carbon and climate and / or social and environmental safeguards;

         Analyze the needs for strengthening the institutional and regulatory framework and develop a capacity building plan related to the needs and requirements of climate finance

         Work closely with NDA, its team, IUCN and accredited agencies on GCF issues, including proposal preparation, involvement of the private sector, non-state actors and other stakeholders, GCF instruments, etc.

         Assist in the development of a communication plan on the GCF for Cameroon.

Duration:  05/2018 – 10/2018    

Client: IUCN/GCF

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