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REDD+ Feasibility Study and Project Design Document

Country: Cameroon

The main objective of this assignment is to carry out a REDD+ feasibility study and elaborate a REDD+ project document for the Belabo-Doume-Diang (BDD) intermunicipal forest landscape in the eastern region of Cameroon. Fokabs experts will:

  • Define the scale of the REDD+ project, the reference zone and escape area of the project,
  • Identify stakeholders & key REDD+ activities, conduct extensive consultations;
  • Evaluate geo-physical, ecological & land use aspects, & climate and vegetation types;
  • Analyse historical and project future drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Describe and demonstrate additionality in the proposed REDD+ project;
  • Quantify and estimate current levels and growth of forest carbon stocks in the project area;
  • Map carbon pools for the project;
  • Develop forest reference levels, MRV system and estimate emission reduction;
  • Analyse non-carbon benefit aspects of the REDD+ project; conduct socio-economic study;
  • Identify High Conservation Values (HCV) for communities and biodiversity;
  • Propose activities to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in the project area;
  • Propose a theory of change;
  • Assess the social and environmental impacts of project activities and propose safeguards;
  • Conduct economic and financial analysis to estimate costs and returns;
  • Propose institutional arrangements & stakeholder platforms to manage the project;
  • Develop project M&E frameworks & design financial & technical reporting formats;
  • Assess land tenure risks and mitigation strategies;
  • Propose a mechanism and an operationalization plan for sharing benefits;
  • clarify carbon usage and ownership rights at the project site;
  • Analyse potential conflicts related to the REDD+ project and propose solutions;
  • Evaluate internal and external risks and propose risk mitigation strategies.

Duration: 01/2019 – 07/2019     

Client:GIZ / Eco-Consult

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