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NDC investment opportunities for the private sector 

Countries: South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique and Egypt

The objective of this project is to address the challenges experienced by African countries in accessing climate finance. The project support AfDB in building and enhancing capacities required by the NDC agencies and facilitate the public and private sectors, financial sponsors and financiers to implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. Specific objectives include: i) identification of green investment opportunities and facilitating proposal development; ii) establishing and developing linkages to NDC investment opportunities for the private sector with the focus of translating African NDCs into bankable and viable projects; iii) creating an enabling environment for increased private sector investments in green business in Africa; and iv) supporting the alignment of the NDCs within the AfDB’s private sector operations.

Duration: 02/2020 - 11/2020     

Client: AfDB / Stantec

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