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Mid-term Evaluation of LtC Program: Africa Youth Thematic Hub 

Country: Cameroon,DRC, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda

The objective of this midterm evaluation is to review implementation progress of the Africa Youth Thematic Hub in relation to the desired outcomes of the Leading the Change (LtC) program as guided by the project document. More specifically the evaluation seeks to:

  • Assess the progress made by the project in achieving the short-term outcomes of the LtC.
  • Assess the level of extent the program is already contributing to WWF’s Practices outlined in the project document to include climate and energy, food, forests, fresh water and wildlife.
  • Review the progress made in mainstreaming key pertinent issues in the LtC program to include a human rights-based approach and gender in the course of implementation.
  • Assess strengths of the program and challenges experienced in delivering the key outcomes of the program
  • Come up with the key learnings that can help to inform the remaining phase of the program.

Duration: 07/2020 – 09/2020    

Client: WWF

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