Green Business and Financial Modeling Intern

The intern will use spreadsheets, usually built in Microsoft Excel, to forecasts climate change project and green business’s financial performance into the future. The forecast will be typically based on historical performance and assumptions about the future.


  • Bachelor or master’s degree in Economics, Accounting, Finance or Maths & Statistics


  • English and French


  • Prepare spreadsheet models to map and predict data
  • Understand the measurement and management of risk
  • Structure decision-making for optimum results
  • Apply modeling techniques in green investment analysis, financial statements, company valuation, forecasting, and more.
  • Use climate change project data to describe realities, build scenarios, and predict economic, financial, accounting and business performance.

Skills you need:

  • Financial Modeling and Simulation
  • Economic and Financial Analyses
  • Incremental Cost and Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Linear Programming and Regression
  • Probabilistic and Regression Models
  • Monte Carlo Method, Cash flow, Solver and Risk
  • Ability to prepare high quality technical and scientific documents is an asset.

Number of positions: 2

Start date: 1 July 2023

Place of work: Yaoundé-Cameroon


Our Vision is to build greener and more resilient communities around the world.

Our clients: World Bank, AfDB, UN Agencies, GCF, International Organizations.

Our projects are mainly in Africa, Caribbeans, Latin America and Asia.

Our sectors: Climate-smart Agriculture & Forestry, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transport, Resilient Infrastructure, Water, Green Buildings and Smart Cities.

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