Spatial distribution and carbon storage of a native bamboo species in the high Guinea savannah of Cameroon: Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro


Landsat 8 OLI imageries were used in order to increase data on the distribution and carbon stocks of Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro in the Guinea savannah of Cameroon, Eight circular plots of 100 m2 were established in O. abyssinica stands in Beyala hill. Five per cent of bamboo were harvested, each bamboo sorted into leaves, branches and culm; weighed; and sub-samples taken to the laboratory. Sub-samples were oven-dried for biomass estimation. The results showed that O. abyssinica covered 451,308.36 ha. The density of culm per clump was 4374/184 per ha. Carbon storage capacity of O. abyssinica was 13.13 tC.ha−1.