Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) represents a key pillar of the Paris Climate Agreement, international climate negotiations and post-2020 climate action commitments. In the NDC documents, Parties to the climate change convention (UNFCCC) have indicated mitigation and adaptation commitments to fight climate change. While developed countries are better placed in terms of the needed resources to take climate actions, many developing countries would require capacity, technology and financial supports. FOKABS is playing a key role in supporting many countries before, during and after international climate negotiations. On the ground, we are transforming national climate commitments into tangible climate actions that support diverse livelihoods and national development.



Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)
  • Trainings and capacity building
  • Analyses and synthesis
  • Project and program development
  • Tracking and monitoring of progress
  • Revision and update of NDC
  • Policy, planning and financing advice
  • Prospecting investment opportunities
  • Drafting of NDC action plan


Climate Negotiations
  • Decoding and analysis of negotiation text
  • Training and capacity building
  • Drafting of negotiation positions
  • Preparation of technical papers and briefs
  • Strategic planning and partnership
  • Negotiation update reports
  • Technical and secretariat support
  • COP and SB preparatory workshops / meetings