Green Office Initiative

Our Green Office Initiative (GOI) is a set of actionable goals and targets that will lower our environmental impact and contribute to a greener community. Implementing the GOI at our Canada office will act as a steppingstone towards larger scales of influence and building our brand, including environmental education in schools, for clients, and on national and international levels. Furthermore, FOKABS will be implementing a phased approach to include all offices. Our Canada office will share findings and best practices with other FOKABS offices, thus broadening our impact to a global scale. Targets set by the GOI will allow FOKABS to work towards environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility through routine assessments to track key performance indicators and metrics.


Goal #1. Achieve carbon neutrality  



Implementing everyday actions in the office can contribute to a significant reduction in energy usage in the long term while helping FOKABS become more sustainable and lowering monthly electricity costs. 

Key actions include: 

  • Reducing the use of central heating and cooling systems during work and off-work hours 
  • Engaging in tree planting to offset our carbon emissions 
  • Generating office electricity through solar panels 



Goal #2. Refine waste management   



There are a variety of waste-related objectives that FOKABS is planning to implement to reduce all forms of waste. Transitioning waste from landfill to recycling is beneficial, but the goal is to reduce waste everywhere so that as little is thrown away as possible. 

Key actions include:  

  • Instating a comprehensive waste management system  
  • Consuming sustainably sourced products 


Goal #3. Improve energy efficiency  



It is at the core of the GOI to make environmentally conscious decisions that help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Finding ways to reduce energy use and improve energy efficiency is crucial for creating a sustainable workplace. 

Key actions include:  

  • Instating high energy efficiency appliances where necessary 
  • Achieving LEED certification

Goal #4. Engage in environmental education   




Working with local schools, universities, and education centres will allow FOKABS to engage with local communities and to promote sustainable lifestyles. 

Key actions include: 

  • Offering presentations and workshops on climate change and environmental issues in schools 
  • Engaging with local community activities to promote sustainable development 

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