Country: Ethiopia

The Overall objective of the project was to strengthen the capacity of the Ethiopian government’s overall capacity in the forest sector at all levels to spearhead the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy and the Growth and Transformation plan (GTP) targets.

The purpose of the Terminal Evaluation (TE) conducted by Fokabs is to assess the achievement of project results and to draw lessons that can both improve the sustainability of benefits from this project, and aid in the overall enhancement of UNDP programming. The main objectives of the TE are to:

  • Assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, sustainability, and the impact of the program in delivering on agreed outcomes and outputs and their contribution to national development efforts,
  • Review validity of programme assumptions and the logic/ theory of change
  • Determine the adequacy of the existing systems and structures for implementing the program,
  • Review risk assessment & mitigation measures taken for ensuring progress on implementing the programme’s interventions.
  • Assess if program outputs and outcomes have been achieved,
  • Identify major constraints faced, document lessons learned during implementation, and make recommendations for overcoming implementation challenges and supporting results achievement going forward,
  • Identify factors that has contributed to achieving or not achieving the intended program outcomes, and outputs.

Duration: 01/2023 – 03/2023

Client: UNDP