Country: Gambia


The main objective of the project is to operationalize the Sustainable Energy For All Action Agenda in The Gambia by catalyzing investments in improved cooking stoves and efficient appliances. The project brings about a scenario that combines both technical assistance for supporting the existing institutional framework as well as catalysing investment in more efficient lamps, refrigeration, air conditioning appliances and cookstoves, that will, together, result in transformational change with regards to the country’s energy access situation and end-user’ behavior.

The project:

  • contributes to the Promotion of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Supportive Policies and Strategies.
  • demonstrates the cost effectiveness of low carbon devices and technologies, such as efficient lighting and heat pump chillers in an integrated manner.
  • establishes quality control standards, as well as improve various capacities for market players and market enablers that will catalyse and sustain private sector led dissemination of the improved cooking devices and efficient appliances beyond the life of this project.

Fokabs is expected to conduct a terminal evaluation and provide the following service:

  • Draft and submit inception report defining questionnaires, methodology, theory of change, stakeholder mapping, workplan.
  • Carry out field mission and conduct meetings to collect relevant data.
  • Present findings to UNIDO headquarter and stakeholders.
  • Draft and submit the project evaluation report.

Duration: 04/2023 – 06/2023

Client: UNIDO