Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Gabon

This 4-year project aims to strengthen the capacity, influence the long-term viability of over 500 civil society organisation (CS), Indigenous Peoples (IP) and community organisations, to perform essential watchdog functions effectively across the Congo Basin region. These non-state actors (NSA) will contribute towards the improvement of forest governance and forest land use planning, sustainable forest management, relevant processes particularly FLEGT and REDD+ and the contribution of forests to development in the Congo Basin. The actions will increase participation of national and local NSAs in: (i) collecting, assessing, analysing and sharing information; (ii) monitoring forest governance, REDD+ and land-use change processes; and (iii) advocacy, representation and holding governments accountable. The Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) of the University of Wolverhampton will implement the project with other project partners including: Brainforest, CED, FODER, FLAG, CADGF, OGF, CIEDD, and WRI.

The role of FOKABS is to provide monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services over the project lifetime. FOKABS shall:

  • Set a clear project baseline such that results can be measured and evidenced;
  • Design and implement a comprehensive monitoring plan/framework;
  • Provide call down support to the M&E Officer and Project Manager to support the implementation of the monitoring plan throughout the duration of the Action (project);
  • Assess the results in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact (at the mid-term and the end point);
  • Learn lessons that inform improvements in the delivery of the project during its lifetime, to enhance replication of what works elsewhere;
  • Demonstrate accountability for the funding received to donors, partners and beneficiaries;
  • Generate independent reports that will inform the wider policy debate concerning the role of civil society in forest governance especially monitoring forest activities, REDD+, FLEGT, and land use change in the Congo Basin.


Duration: 03/2017 – 12/2020
Client: CIDT – University of Wolverhampton, UK