Countries: African countries

This assignment has as objective to generate information and knowledge on how African national forest governance is responding to the Paris Agreement and related global climate change policies and initiatives.

Specific tasks:

  • Identify areas of overlap and synergy in the national forestry sector and other relevant global and regional climate change related policies and initiatives;
  • Identify knowledge and skills required on mainstreaming global and regional climate policies and initiatives into national forestry policies;
  • Identify gaps in the development of national forest sector contribution to current NDCs;
  • Define the role of REDD+ in the national forestry sector contributions to NDCs;
  • Improve representation of LULUCF in NDCs; and
  • Assess how to increase capacity for national forestry sector reporting to national, regional and international constituencies as well as strengthening development second NDC in 2020.

Duration: 08 / 2019 – 11 / 2019

Client: African Forest Forum