Countries: Cameroon, DRC, CAR, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea

The main objective of this five-year project was to strengthen the capacities of the Congo Basin countries on REDD + issues so that they are better prepared for the implementation of REDD + and can benefit from it. for sustainable management of their forest ecosystems. To achieve the objectives of this project, three technical components and one cross-cutting component were defined:

  • Improved knowledge and coordination of REDD+ in the Congo Basin.
  • Strengthening the technical capacities for measuring and monitoring carbon stocks in the forests of the Congo Basin.
  • Integration of the REDD+ concept in sustainable forest management projects.
  • Project management.

The purpose of the final evaluation included:

  •  Evaluation of the extent to which the project has achieved its objectives;
  •  Consideration of the relevance of the project’s actions to the initial needs / expectations of the beneficiaries and the consideration of new needs;
  •  Identification of good practices and lessons learned;
  •  The overall assessment of the beneficiaries in relation to the initiative; and
  •  Proposal of recommendations for better beneficiary satisfaction in similar initiatives

Duration: 06 / 2018 – 07 / 2018