Fokabs presents in Regional Climate Finance Workshop – Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria 21-23 August 2019. The general objective of the workshop was to contribute to increasing finance to support climate action for agriculture in West & Central African region.

The specific objectives were as follows:

  1. Share and discuss the synthesis of the reports of the country case studies from the two regions;
  2. Take stock of ECOWAS interventions with regards to the development of a climate-smart agriculture;
  3. Synthesize key issues in the country reports to encourage cross-country and regional learning on climate finance for agriculture;
  4. Discuss approaches to raise the profile of agriculture in the implementation of NDCs;
  5. Identify priority regional action points and models for co-investment from the private sector and other opportunities for climate actions in agriculture in the regions;
  6. Identify forums for joint hosting of events on climate finance by CTA, ECOWAS Commission, ECCAS e.g. CoP25.

Fokabs experts presented the results of pre-feasibility studies conducted in Cameroon & Chad.