Country: Somalia

The GCF NAP project consists of three primary outcomes aimed at:

  1. Strengthening institutional coordination and capacity for adaptation planning and implementation at the federal level.
  2. Enhancing technical, institutional, and managerial capacity for adaptation planning at the state level.
  3. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation considerations in investment planning processes.
    • The project activities will result in the formulation of:
  4. National Adaptation Financing Plan
  5. Climate Change Adaptation capacity development projects
  6. Establishment of Climate Change Adaptation fund
  7. Development of climate-proofing guidelines for investment projects

Fokabs’ interventions will support national NGOs in the development of standardized guidelines and methodology of vulnerability assessment and conducting vulnerability assessments at one state level. This is aimed at familiarizing the local NGOs with the vulnerability assessment process and being able to replicate it to the other five remaining states’ levels. The vulnerability assessment will cover priority sectors identified by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Federal Member States (FMS). Priority sectors that have been identified at the federal level include land use, agriculture, water, food security, disaster risk reduction, marine and coastal resources, health, and biodiversity.

Duration: 08/2023 – 10/2023

Client: UNDP