Country: Chad

Fokabs will build ADES’ capacity on the GCF’s operational procedures including accreditation requirements, funding mechanisms and climate change investment criteria. Specifically, it will:

  • Determine the scope and priorities for the assessment of ADES’ key administrative and financial capacities;
  • Conduct an assessment of ADES’ key administrative and financial capacities against GCF accreditation requirements;
  • Review ADES documentation related to general management, administrative capacity, financial management and accounting, internal and external audit, control frameworks, and procurement against GCF accreditation requirements;
  • Update ADES’ institutional documentation, including the administrative and accounting procedures manual, to comply with GCF operational requirements;
  • Build the capacity of key ADES staff on the administrative, financial, and accounting procedures required by the GCF, the steps and requirements of the accreditation process, etc.
  • Facilitate staff training workshops and develop a post/ante survey questionnaire to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Duration: 01/2023 – 03/2023

Client: Agence de Développement Économique et Social (ADES)