Country: Cameroon

Within the framework of UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, the general objective of this project is to carry out the inventories and the geo-referencing of water points and institutional latrines of the Northern region, to make an inventory of the water points and latrines existing in each of the Communes; and to produce thematic maps of basic water supply and sanitation facilities in the Northern Region.

Fokabs is carrying out the following tasks:

  • Inventory of works: it will be a question of geo-referencing drinking water points and existing institutional latrines in each commune. This georeferencing will be accompanied by a description of the characteristics of the works to be used for updating the database from the inventory sheets appended to these ToRs. With regard to Drinking Water Additions, each fountain should be connected to the catchment / storage structure;
  • Scan of all data sheets on hydraulic works and basic sanitation infrastructure: here it is the question for the firm to scan all the data collection sheets and transmit them to the supervision team under CD / DVD support;
  • Marking of inventoried works in topographic pencil according to a codification agreed with the Ministry of Water Resources (MINEE);
  • Integration of the data collected in the MINEE database: based on the geo-referenced data and other data collected, the research department will update the data management software package available at MINEE. Access to the MINEE database will be guaranteed to the design office for this work;
  • Production of thematic maps: at the beginning of the mission, UNICEF (in coordination with the MINEE) will agree with the consulting firm chosen on themes of interest.

Duration:  05/2018 – 06/2018

Client: GWP / UNICEF