Country: Global

Fokabs will cooperate closely with FAO, National Designated Authority (NDA), and relevant national stakeholders to develop funding proposals (FP) to be submitted to the GCF. The following milestones are expected to be achieved by Fokabs:

  1. Design, write, and present the workplan for finalizing a high-quality FP, for submission to GCF. The workplan is a living document and requires to be updated on a regular basis and has to be informed by GCF Board meetings and respective submission deadlines.
  2. Design and write FP, including all annexes that connects to the GCF Investment Criteria, is based on a strong Climate Change Rationale (CCR), Theory of Change (ToC), and exit strategy. The FP is aligned with FAO’s accreditation to the GCF, including the Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) requirements.
  3. Organize internal regular meetings, as per the workplan to update the FAO on progress.
  4. Provide technical inputs to the consultation meetings with the NDA and other national stakeholders, as per the agreed upon workplan and in close consultation with the FAO country office.
  5. The FP, prior to GCF submission by the Accredited Entity, requires confirmed co-financing and implementation arrangements. Fokabs will closely cooperate on these subjects with the AE, which leads the negotiations with potential co-financers and project partners.
  6. Present the final project FP, with emphasis on the GCF investment criteria, Logframe, CCR, ToC, exit strategy, co-finance, and implementation arrangements. Collect and address final inputs and submit the FP package for final review prior to submission to GCF.
  7. Lead on addressing GCF feedback on the FP and annexes, until project approval by GCF Board.

Duration: 12/2022 – 12/2024

Client: FAO