Countries: Mauritania


In the context of the “Climate Promise in Mauritania” program, Fokabs will act as an International Climate Finance Expert to support the launch of Mauritania’s NDC 2021-2030 implementation process.

Fokabs will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Training and capacity building of national stakeholders. Technical training on innovative climate finance will be organized for national stakeholders.
  2. Quality assurance of the revised NDC on finance. Fokabs will conduct a technical review and quality assurance on the updated NDC document with the objective of strengthening the consideration of innovative financing in the document, taking into account international best practices and applying them to the specificities and circumstances of Mauritania, as highlighted in the sectoral reports and discussed with the national expert team.
  3. Conduct a DRFI (Derisking Renewable Energy Investment) study to propose priority policy and financial instruments to mitigate the risks associated with renewable energy investments and provide recommendations on measures to be included in the NDC.

Duration: 05/2022 – 10/2022

Client: UNDP