Country: Chad

The objective of the project is to support SDPA in conducting a pre-feasibility study and preparing a GCF concept note. The main tasks of Fokabs are to:

  • Collect and analyse essential project information;
  • Identify the main beneficiaries, target groups and targeted areas;
  • Analyze the problems, the identification of barriers and proposals for solutions;
  • Clarify the additionality of the results and proposed activities;
  • Analyze the coherence of the project with the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs), and the priority areas of intervention of the GCF;
  • Identify smart technologies and technologies whose exploitation is likely to enhance the resilience of communities to climate shocks;
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and develop stakeholder engagement plan, including community engagement strategy;
  • Describe the implementation strategy: institutional anchoring, financial management and audit, procurement and reporting, implementation of activities and their planning, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Contribute to the realization of a gender analysis;
  • Determine the scope and develop the theory of change of the project;
  • Identify and evaluate the costs of project results, products and activities and propose co-financing and financing plans;
  • Identify the main risks of the project;
  • Propose the logical framework of the project in accordance with the GCF outline; the project work plan and budget;
  • Analyze effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact and develop exit strategy.

Duration: 11/2018 – 02/2019

Client: SDPA