Country: Niger

Fokabs will supoort UNDP and the Government of Niger to prepare a GEF project document on “Strengthening the resilience of small farmers through Climate Smart Agriculture (PRP-AIC) techniques in the Tahoua Region”.

Within the framework of this project, Fokabs will:

  1. Conduct technical studies, reviews, and mission reports.
  2. Design the TOR of all project staff and consultants.
  3. Launch the reports of the study, and participate in the validation workshops of the Project Document.
  4. With support from the UNDP Country Office, identify and sign letters with stakeholder on co-funding.
  5. Present a validated Project Document, with CEO Endorsement Request and Project Specific requirements and annexes.

Duration: 12/2022 – 06/2023

Client: UNDP/GEF