Country: Global

The primary purpose of the CRP 2020 review is to assess the extent to which CGIAR research programs are delivering Quality of Science and demonstrating effectiveness in relation to their own Theories of Change (or other planning documents stemming from the Theory of Change set forth at program inception, in the event that the original Theory of Change has not been updated to reflect the current thinking behind the CRP’s work). Within that primary purpose, the objectives of the independent CRP reviews are captioned below:

  • To fulfil CGIAR’s obligations around accountability regarding the use of public funds and donor support for international agricultural research;
  • To assess the effectiveness and evolution of research programs’ work under CRP 2017-2021;
  • To provide an opportunity for programs under review to generate insights about their research contexts and programs of work, including lessons for future CGIAR research modalities.

Duration: 09/2020 – 12/2020

Client: CGIAR