Countries: Belize, Dominican Republic, Dominica, St. Lucia, Guyana, Panama, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Pakistan, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Fiji.

The Reporting for Results-based REDD+ (RRR+) is a three-year project (2017-2019) implemented by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). The project aims at building capacity on the measurement of GHG reductions and carbon stock enhancement in the agriculture, forest and other land use (AFOLU) sector.  The mid-term review (MTR) will be conducted in all the 21 countries where the RRR+ project is being implemented.

The MTR aims at:

  • Providing an independent assessment of the extent to which the RRR+ project is performing against its results framework, the extent to which the project represents good value for the money and identify gaps or challenges for the remainder of the project.
  • Analyzing the assumptions that underpin the project’s Theory of Change (ToC).
  • Making recommendations for relevant stakeholders to take forward to support maximum delivery of results going forwards.

Duration: 09/2018 – 11/2018

Client: China Africa Advisory / PwC / NICFI