Country: Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe, with support from GEF and World Bank, is developing land use and resource management capacity of managers and communities in the Hwange-Sanyati Biodiversity Corridor. This project will support improved land, forest, wildlife and protected area management and build national capacity on REDD+ as a tool for good forest stewardship. The HSBC project has provision for the country to pilot a REDD+ sub-project in Ngamo and Sikumi gazetted forests.

FOKABS was contracted to support the design of the REDD+ sub-project. Our contribution included:

  • Determining the overall scope of work for setting up a pilot REDD+ sub-project.
  • Elucidating modalities for forest carbon estimations and non-carbon benefits.
  • Developing detailed guidelines for assessing social safeguards.
  • Providing advice for national capacity development on REDD+.
  • Providing advice for setting up of a credible national MRV system.
  • Designing and conducting trainings of project partners.


Duration: 08/2015 – 09/2016
Client: World Bank