Technology needs assessment validation workshop

Mbalmayo, Cameroon: From 31 March to 01 April 2022, a workshop was organised at the Departmental Hotel in Mbalmayo, the general objective of this workshop was to validate the technological action plans (TAPs) identified and their prioritisation by all the stakeholders. 

More specifically, the workshop aimed to: 

  • Reviewing the different TAPs in order to improve them 
  • Selecting the most relevant TAP to be transformed into a concept note to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund 

 During this workshop, FOKABS made two presentations:   

  • The first presentation focused on technology action plans in the agricultural sector. The first presentation focused on the technology action plans of the agricultural sector. The objective was to present in a concise manner the different technology action plans prioritised and retained during the previous workshop.
  • The second presentation focused on the action plan for the energy sector. In this presentation, FOKABS presented in detail the different technologies for the energy sector. 

37 participants took part in this workshop and at the end, recommendations were made to improve the final report.