Country: Liberia

The GEF-funded project has the objective to build and strengthen Liberia’s national capacity to implement the transparency elements of the Paris Climate Agreement. The project outcomes are:

  • Procedures to measure, track and report mitigation and adaptation data from the land use, agriculture, energy, transport, and waste sectors are transparently strengthened.
  • NDC transparency system is in place in accordance with the prescribed UNFCCC standard.
  • Capacity of key ministries and stakeholders to effectively utilize the developed NDC transparency system are strengthened.
  • Coordination among key government agencies on NDC implementation is enhanced.
  • Capacity to measure and report land use, agriculture, energy, transport, and waste sectors NDC is improved.
  • Fully developed data integration and sharing procedure for use by stakeholders is established as a one stop source of information for transparency reporting.

Fokabs will:

  • Conduct a desk review of project documents based on an approved work plan.
  • Undertake the evaluation of the project, including interviews and in- country site visits.
  • Prepare a draft evaluation report following GEF project evaluation outline.
  • Incorporate comments and prepare the final evaluation report.


Duration: 08/2021 – 12/2021

Client: Conservation International