Country: Liberia

In response to the risks posed by climate change, there is a need to conduct and update relevant climate vulnerability and risk assessment in the key sectors. This project will support the Liberian government to put its National Adaptation Planning (NAP) into process, by identifying and updating climate vulnerability and risks in the sectors of agriculture, fishery and forestry and also existing trends in climate.

Fokabs is responsible for:

  • · Consulting all relevant documents, data and stakeholders
  • · Conducting training workshops on climate risk assessments
  • Working with key relevant technical partner institutions and experts to identify broader climate change issues, review existing and past climate change interventions at national and sectoral level
  • Working with impact modeler to verify climate change predictions.
  • Assessing the occurrence of climate change hazards over the last 10 years
  • Identifying observed trends in climate to examine potential future climate conditions, the possible impacts on agriculture, fisheries and forestry
  • Conducting field consultation with local community groups in different agro-ecological zones on existing risks and vulnerabilities as well as their knowledge and experience.
  • Preparing climate vulnerability maps based on existing environmental and climate data, including land cover/vegetation cover, slopes, hazards, and precipitation distribution.
  • Identifying priority areas with high risks or vulnerability
  • Mainstreaming gender-based data to inform the impact of climate change on each sector.

Duration: 09/2018 – 11/2018

Client: UNDP Liberia