Country: Cameroon


The objective is to implement the greenhouse gas emission reduction activities of this project “Zero Deforestation in Cocoa Production”.

The main tasks are outlined below:

  1. Preparation of the work (collection of information) within the framework of the implementation of the project, the methodology and the areas to be studied.
  2. Establish a memorandum of understanding for the total provision of project land throughout the project. To this end, a clear schedule of conditions will be defined and followed.
  3. Organization of consultation and information meetings with cooperatives, authority, etc.
  4. Strengthen the capacities of cocoa farmers through a demonstration field on: access to and use of a climate-sensitive calendar; good agricultural management practices and intensification; and support for the sustainable production of cassava, plantain and maccabo.
  5. Assist farmers by providing them with agricultural inputs and tools through: provision of improved planting materials; access to biological plant protection products; supporting farmers with organic fertilizers; and provision of agricultural equipment (machetes, cabins, wheelbarrows, etc.).
  6. Support the intensification and densification of cocoa farms.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of the activities – based on a comparison between the baseline and end results.
  8. Participate in meetings to share the concept and results of zero deforestation in cocoa production.


Duration: 04/2022 – 10/2023

Client: JAFTA (Japan Forest Technology Association)