Country: Cameroon

The main objective of this assignment is to identify and implement in a concrete way, activities concerning the “zero deforestation in cocoa production” approach in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Central Region, thus contributing to the development of the Emission Reduction Scenario.

Specific tasks for this project:

  • Establish basic unit of expected emission reduction
  • Establish geographical limit of the implementation of pilot
  • Develop a potential assessment of the Central Region
  • Specify stakeholders involved in the project and project activities
  • Identify elements of social and environmental safeguards
  • Propose monitoring and evaluation indicators
  • Propose guidelines for capacity building activities
  • Propose a pilot site for feasibility activity
  • Develop a GCF concept note


Duration: 09 / 2019 – 11 / 2019

Client: JAFTA / JICA